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There is always a way . . .

Then, there is always another way.

Logos Students, Graduates, and Friends
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My primary goal in creating this community was creating a space where Logos grads can locate and keep up with each other.

Post whatever you want. This community is censorship-free.

Respect and lj-cuts are always appreciated.
8th grade wills, black socks, bloom's taxonomy, bradford woods, creative writing, dr. beisner, french, going shoeless, graduation, graham sullivan-cooper, guys in skirts, humanities, kickball, logos, logos lab school, mardi gras, memories, mr. hellrung, mr. shroyer, mr. steinbarger, ms. ballenger, ms. kimball, ms. klinge, ms. turner, ms. williams, much ado about nothing, murals, newspaper, peachy keen, pleasant view, presentations, project group, projectitis, projects, romeo and juliet, scholar's summit, science, shakespeare, socratic seminar, the graffiti wall, the happy frog, the mediocre lab, the overachiever lab, the slacker lab, the space race, the tempest, trail mix, twelfth night